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My Blog: Why *DO* I write about the Supernatural?

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And my ghost stories at  . . .  The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter 

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I am a member of Werner’s “Supernatural Fiction Readers” group and group members were recently invited to introduce themselves. The following is what I wrote.  If YOU are a Goodreads member, please come find me, and let’s be friends and trade book suggestions!

My post on “Supernatural Fiction Readers”:
“Thank you for the invitation to introduce ourselves. I am an author who writes under the moniker “The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter” because, well. . . err. . . my mother WAS a ghost chaser! And I, of course, I am her daughter.

The Ghost Chaser's Daughter -- available everywhere books are sold!!

The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter — available everywhere books are sold!!

My mother should have been born during the Spiritualist Movement of the 1880s because there was little she would NOT do to attempt to commune with the spirits.

It seems this was all brought on by a brush with Death during a bout with malaria. She saw “the light” and heard the voices of her ancestors calling to her. But in the farmhouse parlor where she lay with chilled packs on her head (her grandmother’s attempts to break her fever) she also heard the voices of her grandparents as they fretted over losing her. She remained on THIS side of the grave for sixty-two years beyond that moment — always fascinated about what lay beyond the grave.

My own polio crisis (with last rites administered at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Ohio) provided me a similar experience; and not surprisingly — a similar outcome. Over the years my mother and I were simpatico in our collection of Katrina dolls, Ouija board sessions, and Tarot card readings.

I came to writing by way of genealogy.  In 2009 I wrote a novel about the day-to-day life of my father’s ancestors as I heard the voices of my ancestral aunts telling me the story during midnight writing furies. I felt that I could actually HEAR their voices, and typed out the dialogue as they spoke. The result, published by A.V. Harrison Publishing,  is “Jenkins: A Family Saga” about the life of an 1830s Baltimore household during the long trudge toward Civil War.

After “Jenkins” was published I felt it only fair to write SOMETHING about my mother’s family, thus beginning my odyssey as “The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter“.

Several years later I entered “NaNoWriMo” a global author’s challenge to write one novel — in one month. A year of polishing, editor’s help, and book design efforts resulted in “Voodoo Vision” which was re-named to “Ghosts of White Raven Estate“.

Reading is the primary joyful pastime of my life — I would love receiving the comments of my blog visitors on why THEY came to a love of reading and/or the supernatural. Please let me know!



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myBLOG “Cradle to Grave” ~ Children Who See Grandparent Ghosts

"Isn't She Lovely" available in 'The Ghost Chaser's Daughter'

“Isn’t She Lovely” available in ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’

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Because the first apparition I ever saw was that of my grandfather I have naturally searched for stories like mine, in which a child’s first encounter with the paranormal world is sighting a grandparent.

I was six when the ghost of my grandfather began making visits. The incident is detailed in my set of short stories, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.  Grandpa Jimmy had died on the way home from work in the wee hours of Christmas morning.  In 1956 railroad crossings were not required to *¨* ♥ ☆╰☆╮

Because the first apparition I ever saw was that of my grandfather I have naturally searched for stories like mine, in which a child’s first encounter with the paranormal world is sighting a grandparent.

I was six when the ghost of my grandfather began making visits. The incident is detailed in my set of short stories, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.  Grandpa Jimmy had died on the way home from work in the wee hours of Christmas morning.  In 1956 railroad crossings were not required to have flashing lights, cross-bars that came down, or any other protective equipment that came between the speeding locomotives of southern Ohio and automobiles. Family gossip years later told of his jawbone being found 500 feet up the rails from the point of impact.

It’s not unusual for the victim of a sudden death to stay attached to earth; and my grandfather was no exception. I presume that as he drove through the snow toward the Belfast, Ohio farmhouse that he shared with my grandmother in the 1950s that his thoughts were on celebrating Christmas and being ‘around’ for many more years.

I soon came to realize that a lot of grandparents ‘come back’ to check on their grandchildren. One story that was told to me was that of a young mother whose father had died just days prior to the birth of a little granddaughter.  The family’s hope was that the patriarch would live until the newest member of the family could be presented to him.  But, it seemed, that was not to be – until the most unusual occurrence happened:

You see, the patriarch had the custom of smoking a certain very fragrant pipe tobacco. The first afternoon home from the hospital the young mother put her baby to bed and laid down for a nap in her room down the hall. A deep sleep came over the mother within minutes.  She awoke from her deep sleep to the fragrance of her father’s pipe tobacco permeating the house.  It disoriented her because the smell was so distinctly tied to her father, now four days dead.

Although the house was quiet, and the baby sleeping, the mother crept into the nursery, tracking the familiar fragrance.  There, leaning over the crib, was her father as clear as day. No ‘see through’ apparition – it was him!  He straightened when his daughter entered the nursery and murmured the words, “Isn’t she lovely?” before leaving this earth, never to be seen again.

I have heard other stories in which a beloved grandchild will herald the death of a grandparent in the dead of night and without the benefit of phone calls, telegrams, or anything other than the bonds of affection and understanding between one generation and another – most recently from my friend Nicki Chen (of NickiChenwrites).  Nicki’s husband, Eugene, foretold his own grandmother’s death and Nicki’s telling of the event is quite remarkable.

But why this link between the youngest generation of a family, and the oldest?  I looked to Nicole Leader for an explanation of this phenomenon. Ms. Leader has done extensive research on the topic of children who see ghosts.  She says, when children are born, [they, themselves] have just crossed over from the “other side” [and] are close to others from that realm.  Therefore [a child] can more easily see [those who cross over] . . . into this existence to visit that child, or protect them.

My own grandson, as a four-year old, began to independently ask about my mortality. He wanted to know where I would ‘be’; how the family would find each other again after I died. We’ve picked out a star, and that is where we will all meet, I told him; but his question confirmed my own belief – cradle to grave – grandchild to grandparent — if he wants to see me after I’m dead, he most probably will.

Are there stories in your own family in which a grandchild seems to have a connection to a grandparent who is on ‘the other side’? Or; the story of a grandchild correctly predicting the death of their grandparent? If so, join the discussion.


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☆ Dumb People And The 5 Worst Things They Do Around Ghosts ☆

The Dead ~ They will always be with us

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Really? You want to know  my opinion of the dumbest things people do when encountering an entity, whether it’s  Ouija board’s dark powers, or an apparition wavering over a tombstone in your local cemetery?

Well, then . . . here goes. The Top Five things dumb people do when encountering entities from Beyond The Grave:

They ~

#5 Don’t say a blessing when closing off their contact with an entity;

Blessings are universal, regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs. It is a ‘Wishing You Well’ karma token that allows the entity you’ve encountered to go on its journey with a brush from your positive side. Do not overlook the courtesy of a blessing as you take leave from an apparition, or energy source, from the Spirit World.

#4 Shout at the entity as though it cannot hear;

Oh Baby! Don’t ever shout at an entity! That shows such disrespect and you beget what you begat—if you know what I mean.

Bad dreams? Creepy-crawlies when you’re alone in the house? It may be pay-back from not treating those on The Other Side with dignity. No Shouting!

#3 Challenge the entity to show itself;

This is universally the silliest thing to do. That entity that you are challenging to ‘prove itself’, may indeed prove itself in a big way! What in the world makes dumb people think that an entity, or force of energy, from the dark side will reciprocate on-scale to a prove-you-are-real’ challenge?

#2 Toke up! Or down a drink before an investigation;

If you’re thinking a ‘little enhancement’ will a) give you the hair on your chest that you need to venture into that dark forbidden place; or b) heighten your supernatural senses before an investigation—then you’re in for a wild ride that you may not have bargained for.

Gonna’ try it anyway? Let us know how it all went down. BwahahaHA!

#1 Come to an investigation, or a portal site, with piss-off on your mind

Dumb People: This is where the ‘birds of a feather’ axiom comes in. You want a scary, evil entity to follow you back to your bedroom? Yes? Then go into the SpiritWorld with a bad-ass attitude. But you’ll be traveling alone—because I, for one, am NOT coming with you on that trip of no-return!

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☆ Trick or Treat ☆ My Halloween Free-Reads are at THESE locations!

In paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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I’m absolutely giddy! We are just days away from Trick or Treat season.

Exciting, isn’t it? The masquerade balls of Halloween dance in, Day of the Dead lurches forward dragging one foot behind, and we hear chains rattling and hounds baying in the distance as All Souls Day knocks at the doors of morgues and mortuaries.

Ghost Stories, howling winds, flickering candles, and specters that stand at the foot of your bed remind you that death is, well, a part of life.

My reading habits change this time of year – don’t yours? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ I have some treats in store for you:  A roster of all the locations where I have placed ‘Free Reads’ of my ghost stories and folklore this year.

So bookmark this page and come back often for news and nuances from the Other Side of The Grave.

If you are new to my writing and release-titles, I have published four sets of ghost stories under the brand, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.

My autobiographical eStory-sets are titled, ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained: Book One and Book Two; my torque-to-terror is entitled, ‘Ghost Stories From Beyond the Grave’; and my folklore tales in eBook format are entitled, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.

The four eBooks under THESE titles are available on Smashwords – the vendor for iBooks, Nook and Kindle [Mobi]; the PAPERBACK edition of my ghost stories is available on Amazon and Nook as ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’.

If you’ve ever wondered about the tone of my ghost stories now is the time to sample from the various storytelling styles that I’ve adopted over the past four years.

So! Here is a Smorgasbord of book excerpts, as a Treat to YOU for this season:

On Smashwords – Free! ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained: Book One’ six autobiographical stories to get you started on the full series.

On Wattpad – two selections:

* ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained: Story One’ only; and

* ‘Ghost Stories From Beyond the Grave: Grove of Terror’.

On BookBlog.com you have a second selection from

‘Ghost Stories From Beyond the Grave: The Red-Eyed Beast of Bodie’.

And, FlipSnack is Fun! There I have also posted ‘Grove of Terror’ if you’d like to see “flippin’ free!”

If you would like to purchase any of my iBook series they are available on Smashwords, or as a paperback on Amazon.

Happy Halloween! And . . .  leave a note that you stopped by!

Seeing your name here would be a Treat!

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☆ All Souls Day? Ghosts Not Invited!

I am attracted to Katrinas - just one more entity in the line-up of souls dragging their way to Purgatory - or am I wrong?? Are they celebrating with champagne and music in the after-life?

I am attracted to Katrinas – just one more entity in the line-up of souls dragging their way to Purgatory – or am I wrong?? Are they celebrating with champagne and music in the after-life?

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The neighborhood I lived in as a child observed ‘All Souls Day’.  This observance was held in the days following Halloween when ghosts and goblins roamed the neighborhood. ‘All Souls Day’ seemed to be ‘Halloween Lite’ – an event in which only Catholics took part. But I never understood why.

This week I dug into the difference between Halloween and All Souls Day in an attempt to understand the phenomenon of making a second round of collecting treats immediately following Halloween – which is what we did on All Souls Day in the 1950s.

I was curious about what people thought of ‘Souls’ (as in All Souls Day) and ‘Ghosts’ (as in Halloween). So I asked my Facebook friends their ‘take’ on each:  My friend, Nicki Chen, who writes a blog relating to Chinese culture noted on Facebook that “most souls don’t hang around to haunt people”. I agree with Nicki. Although ghosts are tethered to Earth by intention, the circumstances of their death, or mournful inability to let go of the mortals they are attached to, souls seem to have the ability to transcend ‘on to’ their next calling, whether it be a blissful wait in Purgatory (for Catholics), or reincarnation (for Spiritualists and eastern religions).

Avid Reader, Carrie Ann Lehain  opines, “. . . ghosts are connected to a specific time and have a specific identity. Souls are eternal, [e.g.] . . . life beyond time, beyond specific identity. Ghosts have souls, but not all souls are ghosts.” What differentiation could be more thoughtful?

In Catholic-dominated cultures* and communities, All Souls Day follows Halloween, and the two observances differ in significance.

Halloween is a celebration of mischief and mayhem, of hauntings and horror. Ghosts totally rule on 31 October – but so do beasts, and vampires; werewolves and hooligans! Souls are not invited to the party! When was the last time a child responded, ‘I want to dress up as a Soul!’ when asked ‘What are you going to be for Halloween?’ The two states of being – ghosts and souls – co-exist without being interchangeable.

In the Catholic Church ‘All Souls Day’ is lorded over by the ‘Office of The Dead’ (yes! There IS such a thing in the Catholic Church). It is a celebration that takes place on 02 November (unless 02 is a Sunday, or religious holiday). Frankly, I think that the website ‘New Advent’ uses the term celebration loosely in describing ‘All Souls Day’.

‘All Souls Day’ tasks families with praying for the souls of their dead, who according to Catholic doctrine are parked in Purgatory while the sins of the Departed are cleansed (Purgatory being a way-station on the route to heaven, if Beetle Juice and Catholicism is to be believed!)

And therein the distinction: While Souls are singing, ♪♬♫ My Bags Are Packed, I’m on My Way; Ghosts are waiting for portals to open with the definite objective of slipping ‘back’ to hang around as a residual, or a poltergeist, or an apparition.  Ghosts are soul-less entities who are knocking at the windows and doors of the living with the theme song ‘I’ll be Seeing You’♪♬♫

So, it’s understandable that GHOSTS have as little interest in ‘All Souls Day’ (where ‘Goodie Two Shoes’ transcendence is being brokered) as SOULS have in ‘Halloween’ where bad boys and girls are planning the next eggs-over-the-neighbor’s fence prank.

All Souls Day? Ghosts not invited!

* As a side note there are innumerable variations on celebrating the dead around the world, with Ireland’s Samhain and India’s “Pitri Paksha” or “Pitar” or “Shraadh Paksha” which sets aside a fifteen-day festival for Ancestors and Dead member of the family.

╰☆╮💕💕 •*¨* ♥ What did I miss?? What can You add? ╰☆╮💕💕 •*¨* ♥


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myBlog ☆ A Sampler of ‘Halloween Past’ ☆

                  Book Trailer for eBook on Ganxy.com
Hello! Thank you for stopping by myBLOG today. I thought it might be fitting to go into Halloween Past before I release my novel, ‘Voodoo Vision’ for Halloween Present. Wouldn’t that be fun?
Paperback! FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

Paperback! FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

As you know, if you followed my muse through the writing of ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ the [paperback] book is comprised of twenty-two short stories of supernatural settings ranging from eerily unexplainable phenomena, to spine-tingling terror, to haunting Hungarian legend and folklore.

For the FULL collection in eBook format, as “Ghost Stories and The Unexplained”  go to Ganxy.com! It’s PayPal easy, and Instant! And loads directly to Kindle!! Isn’t that cool??

Need eBook format? Then look for "Ghost Stories and The Unexplained" on Nook and Ganxy.com

Need eBook format? Then look for
“Ghost Stories and The Unexplained” on Nook and Ganxy.com

Do you ONLY want Amazon direct? Then, grab your ghosts in eBook format from ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained’ EXPANDED to Kindle!

If Amazon is your SOUL ebook vendor find your Twenty-Two Tales on Kindle!

If Amazon is your SOUL ebook vendor find your Twenty-Two Tales on Kindle!

The first twelve stories are written in autobiographical format.  Why? Well, because those events happened – to me! Or, someone that I know personally who wanted to share their experience with my readers.  The terror portion of the book is based on deathbed confessions and newspaper archives from research I have done over the years. The third part of ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ was written last summer while I traveled the Transylvania region of Europe while living in Budapest.  The Transylvania stories include castles, legends, rebellion, and singing angels.

So! Without further ado, here are Thirteen Little Selected-Sweets from that I offered my readers in last year’s bag of treats!

1) And That’s All I Know ~*~ On Christmas Eve in 1955, my grandmother said she realized, even in her sleep, that Grandpa Jimmy was late coming home from work. She had left the Christmas tree lights on for him, glowing out toward the highway that ran past their farmhouse. Snow fell softly, sweetly, creating a false sense of security.

2) My Grandfather’s Visit ~*~ His translucent image more floated than stood in the void that stretched between us. It was though there were no earthly ties bearing down on him. He had on a narrow brim fedora and a 1950s full-length dress coat – a winter coat, actually. I was barely breathing; certainly I was filled with terror, when my ears were pricked by the sound of dog’s claws clipping across the waxed linoleum floor. A spirit dog had accompanied him as he crossed back over.

3) Turkey Creek Farm, Ohio ~*~ “She’s not there! She’s not really there!” It took me a moment before I realized that my grandmother, this chain-smoking, gin-drinking, rough farmwoman was outrunning me! She grabbed my shirt collar and yanked hard, just as I reached the edge of the embankment. We fell to the ground together as she enfolded me in her arms.

4) The Poltergeist ~*~ I never knew the extent of torment my mother endured until one particularly high-tension evening when the events I am about to relay to you unfolded. But I do know how insistent mother was that my sister, Frances, and I put away any scissors, needles, knives that were out – before we went to bed.

5) The Ouija Board Demon ~*~ The metal clip that kept the two sliders on track weren’t working, or something. The doors weren’t sliding open and shut; they were beginning to swing back and forth, hitting against the clothes hanging in my closet and then swinging into the open room as though the clip was not holding them at all. Debby Cox burst into tears as the planchette began its own movement across the Ouija board.

6) Midnight Rhapsody ~*~ It was totally dark, in a dead-quiet house, and all of a sudden eerie organ music was playing. A seven-note chord that repeated.

7) Dolls Watching ~*~ She turned to me, “Okay, here is the story. According to what I heard, Mrs. Alvarez lay dying in that room – the master bedroom. She had cancer; it had spread throughout her body. She and Antonio, her husband, had been married for fifty-two years. They both knew she was dying. Yes, he shot her.

8) Isn’t She Lovely? ~*~  “I’m so sorry Dad didn’t live just a few days longer,” I remember lamenting to my husband the day that my daughter, Jacqueline, was born. “He missed seeing her by just a few days.” My dad, Jack Chance, was fifty-four when he died of lung cancer, a few days before my daughter was born.

9) Lightning Strikes ~*~ Dennis took six tiny steps toward his wife. The old wooden rocker she sat in tipped back and forth, reacting to the impact of the bolt of lightning. The shadow on the wall swayed back and forth on the wall taunting him. Dennis’s panic-stricken shrieks finally died down to sniveling whimpers.

10) Grove of Terror ~*~ This Civil War deathbed tale is a full-length feature on Wattpad! Go There! I hope you like ‘Grove of Terror’.

11) Chunya and The Hungarian Witch ~*~ There is an oft-told tale in the land of light and shadow – far, far away in the territory that was once Transylvania. It is a story about a forest witch – a jealous old woman who had never experienced the serenity of listening to the mewing of a contended baby, or the happiness of running one’s finger tips along the soft creases of a baby’s skin.

12) To Kill Ivan Gorsky ~*~ He grabbed for his glasses – the right spectacle is broken out. Events unfold in slow motion. Gorsky realizes in horror that one of the youth is pulling a Tokarev TT Model 48 from inside his coat. He can see it so clearly, as though his senses are heightened. How in the world could any Hungarian obtain such a weapon? The youth snarled, staring at the metal pin on Ivan’s cap. He obviously recognized the hammer and sickle. The student glanced around – pandemonium reigns. The youth stood over Ivan and took aim.

13) Little Dead Girl, Seattle ~*~ “In the mirror’s reflection a little girl, dressed in white, floated past me. She was gliding down the hallway turning her head back and forth, as if she was searching for something! Honestly, I couldn’t move. I could feel a . . .I want to say an energy force, or a wave of some sort, pass by. I was shivering, and had a feeling, or intuition maybe, that she was looking for someone–undoubtedly my daughter, Danielle!”

I nodded as she continued.

“Well, the ghost levitated to the height of Danielle’s portrait–just rose up–very slowly. And then it disappeared into the image! I’m afraid to bring Danielle home now. I don’t know what to do–the house is haunted by a ghost who is seeking my daughter!”

☆♥*¨*• 💕💕 •*¨* ♥ ☆

So! There you have it! Halloween Past! I hope you are intrigued enough to grab a copy of ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ in its iBook, eBook, or paperback edition.


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Update: Voodoo Vision ✬ PUBLISHED! ✬

Emily Hill's LATEST novel, slated for release Halloween 2013.

Emily Hill’s LATEST novel, slated for release Halloween 2013.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to check on how the ‘Voodoo Vision’  is coming along!

Update: ☆  Voodoo Vision: New Orleans House of Spirits ☆ is NOW available on Kindle, NookSmashwords, and iBooks.


14 SEPTEMBER 2013 Post:  I’ve been very busy this month getting my new novel, ‘Voodoo Vision’, ready for my friends (and I hope YOU will become one of my friends and sign up to follow my blog.)

‘Voodoo Vision’ will release on Smashwords and Nook by 15 October 2013 – just a month away!

I am STILL re-writing, editing, and flourishing ;D with the help of my amazing writing coach, Linda Hope Lee, and my Perrinville Ladies!

Agghhh! So much to do!   Here’s what I’ve FINISHED (take a peek at the links)

YouTube – 4 FlashAds similar to this one!

★ Promotions Poster – for my Announcement eMailer

★ 57,863 words of Excitement, Betrayal, and Haunts!

★ A Gorgeous book cover – Thank you, Kathi Humphries Design and New Media

★ A Pinterest Board for all of my Muses!

Cast Board – what DOES Zömbi look like??! (AFTER he tattoos his face!)

Here’s What NEEDS to be done:

☆ YouTube – Full Feature eBook Trailer

☆ Final, Final embellishments – more Voodoo and spells, please!

☆ Upload to Smashwords!! [which has an INSTANT upload feature for your Kindle!]

☆ Guest-Blog Hop Appearances!


★ Victoria Taylor-Murray will be interviewing me on her Celebrity Tour (OMG!)

Susan Noble [Into Another World] will feature an excerpted Chapter 1 of ‘Voodoo Vision’

★  Dan O’Brien  [The Dan O’Brien Project ] will run Chapter 2 of ‘Voodoo Vision’

Hunter Shea [Hunter Shea Author] will run Chapter 3, entitled ‘Before The Epidemic’

★ We will skip over to the live-links as we finish Chapter 4, Unfortunate Girls, on THIS blog spot! ;D

★★★ PROGRESSIVE BLOG HOP [29 October through 03 November]  ★★★

What I have in mind is my guest appearance on THREE author-friend’s blogs.

Each appearance will feature ‘An Author’s Note’ and a chapter of Voodoo Vision: New Orleans House of Spirits!

Readers will ‘hop’ from one blog to the next as they read the first 10,000 words of ‘Voodoo Vision’.

★ 1) Chapter 1 ~ 1853 New Orleans’ Garden District: Someone is Watching

★ 2) Chapter 2 ~ Where the Bones Are Buried

★ 3) Chapter 3 ~ Before the Epidemic

★ 4) Chapter 4 ~ Unfortunate Girls


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☆¨*• myBLOG ~ Fortune Telling ~ Obsessions And Patterns

wordpress SQ
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╰☆╮☆♥*¨*• 💕💕 •*¨* ♥ ☆╰☆╮💕💕 •*¨* ♥ ☆╰☆╮

Cartomancy ~ Fortune Telling Using a 52Card Deck

I have been telling my fortune using Tarot cards and the 52Card deck since I was sixteen and living in New Orleans.  In other words, for 45 years – which is how long it’s been since I left the Christian faith.  Fortune telling, throwing runes, shuffling cards, crystal balls and tea leaves are associated with Black Magick and dark forces according to Christian religions [and maybe Judea] – so this blog post is not going to be of much interest for those proselytizing for Jesus Christ, or the Catholic Church.

On that note, I’ll proceed:

My Tarot deck is stained, and the edges of some cards are singed from holding them too close to candle light. My Tarot deck has moved with me from New Orleans to Seattle to Edmonds and has seen me through college, marriage, motherhood, divorce; and remarriage. In other words my cards know me better than any one!

Recently I’ve renewed my interest in telling fortunes and came across the technique known as ‘Cartomancy’.  Let me take this opportunity to remind my friends once again that using a Ouija board is a very strict No! No! in my world just because of the Terror Factor – and my own experiences – but, somehow ‘cards’ are more benign. Is that delusional ?

So, with my Cartomancy ‘draws’ now underway, I began to notice wild coincidences and card-patterns! Upon realizing these patterns I immediately thought of my Facebook friend Johnny Houser who studies The Web of life’s coincidences. For instance, repeatedly the King of Spades came up, as well as the 3 and 5 in that same suit.  The ‘chances’ of any particular card coming up in 36 pulls from 312 cards is pretty exceptional.  Why would certain cards come up in a draw time after time – if Fate wasn’t a key?

My statistical thinking went something like this:  If I have 52cards to draw from day-after-day; and IF in six draws (52×6 = 312 draws) and ONLY CERTAIN cards come up, a web of Fate is developing. So I began tracking the draw-set from each day and was able to develop a Dominate repeating pattern of four cards; and a Lesser repeating pattern of three cards In other words seven cards CONTINUALLY repeated themselves.

I thought it curious that the number of repeating cards equaled SEVEN (an auspicious number in matters of Fate.)

Here is the chart I came up with to track the repeating cards:

Charting Fate though Cartomancy

Charting Fate though Cartomancy

And, here are the Dominate and Lesser repeating cards in my recent six draws from 312 cards (52 x 6)

After six draws THESE Seven Cards continually repeated -- Why??

After six draws THESE Seven Cards continually repeated — Why??

Oh!  You want to know ‘The Question’ ?

I had asked about money matters.  What is curious is that from the first draw only marriage and relationship cards came up. The ‘love matters’ of my life bled through, and continued to dominate the messages that I was receiving from The Cards. Mischief, Betrayal, Confidences not kept; black cards dominated red cards.  But the clubs seemed to neutralize the spades; and harmony appears to reign in spite of challenges, according to The Fates.  We shall see – yes?

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Dominate Cards:

8Hearts = A convivial marriage

3Spades = A beloved who travels/wanders

5Spades = A beloved who journeys far

KSpades = An ambitious man [my husband? – I’m not sure]

Lesser Cards:

4Diamonds = Surrounded by friends who do not keep confidences

5Clubs = Questioners good marriage

JClubs = A generous, though mischievous friend [my former lover, who is still in touch – I’m sure!]

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Do YOU use horoscopes, cards, runes, or Ouija to guide yourself to YOUR fate?

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☆ myBLOG: Folklore and Castles Transylvania Style

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NOTES from a Transylvanian Traveller:

This past summer I lived in Budapest [on Raday utca] and travelled to Prague, Vienna and the area bordering Transylvania. These are the folklore tales and European fables that I collected on my weekend wanderings:

NEW in eBook format - FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

The ‘Ghost of the Canals’

In Prague a bronze phantom sits at the end of a dock under Karlov Most [Charles Bridge].

‘Who is this lifeless form?’ you ask.

He is the ‘Ghost of the Canals’. . .the welcomed guest of all property owners along the Moldau River who wish to be protected from floods. You see. offering protection to property owners – in exchange for a good time on THIS side of The Portal – is this ghost’s stock and trade.

But… Young women . . . Beware of this dapper gentleman! You will know him by his greenish cast, and his red slippers! Surely he might flirt with you in the coffee shops or cafes of Prague. But, it is the ‘Ghost of the Canals’ who comes back to life!

Legend has it that. . . should you fall victim of this ghost’s charms. . . he will spend the day with you, only to toss you into the canals as the clock strikes midnight!

Why would he carry out such a dastardly deed? Because as your soul leaves your body, he grabs it for his own in order to walk the streets of Prague. . . for yet another day!

The Ghost of the Abandoned Soldier

Long, long ago in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire there lived a soldier loyal to Queen Maria Theresa. And, just as the Queen had this soldier’s allegiance, the soldier believed he had the devotion of one particular village maiden.

But alas, the maiden’s loyalty was in question.

Here is the story of the ‘Ghost of the Abandoned Soldier’.

It seems this particular soldier was sent off to protect the territory of the Habsburg Queen. He left on his stead with assurances of fidelity from his Prague lass. It was the intention of our young soldier to come back a hero, claim the woman as his bride, and raise a family that would be envied by all. But, like so many soldiers, he was away simply too long and another handsome man – a court ambassador – caught the eye of Prague’s unfortunate young lady. It was THIS member of the Queen’s court who partook the joys of the nuptial bed with the lass.

Upon returning home, our soldier became enraged as he realized his dreams of ‘happily ever after’ had been dashed! His betrothed’s disloyalty – and the advances of her suitor – had to be punished. And so the soldier killed them both, using a sword bearing the Queen’s seal.

It was a horrid scene, blood and gore and the like. Witches were called upon to sit in judgment of the soldier. True, he had killed two people very much in love, and true as well, he himself was a victim. What to do to even the scales?

The witches decided to turn the soldier into a ghost, sentenced to wander the streets of Prague in loneliness for an eternity. So, most assuredly, he spends his days now, gazing enviously at the young lovers of Prague.

But, the witches also must have felt a certain bit of justice in the soldier’s deed. Maybe that is why they allow him to come back to life once each century – and for one midnight hour. It is at this moment, every one hundred years that he may kiss the lips of one young visitor to Prague. Will it be this night that he comes to life?

And, if so will it be you, or maybe your sister, or daughter, who kisses the Queen’s soldier. . . this century?

Twenty-Seven Heads, Twenty-Seven Ghosts

Twenty-seven ghosts haunt the Church of St. Nicholas in the aging City of Prague. The year was 1618 and the Thirty Year War between the Catholics and Protestants was just beginning. The Protestants were plotting to usurp the stranglehold of power that the Catholics held over the land of the Habsburg Empire.

Twenty-Seven brave and daring conspirators were bent on leading an insurrection against the papacy, and the mighty Habsburgs. It was a foolhardy decision, as we shall see.

Somewhere among this lot was a loyalist to the Queen who revealed the plot to the throne. And – to make this story quite short – all twenty-seven were rounded up by the Queen’s men and summarily beheaded for their overly ambitious move against the monarch.

Their headless ghosts, angry, crazed and frenetic, can now be seen swirling in all directions through the Church of St. Nicholas each night after midnight by visitors to the historic baroque cathedral.

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☆ myBLOG: Is DEATH Really ‘The Final Good-bye’ ?

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NEW in eBook format - FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

“After a person dies, are they ‘gone’. . . I mean REALLY gone?”

This is an oft-asked question from those curious about The Other Side of the grave and grieving. My answer is, “Not always. Sometimes a person who has died is able to say, ‘Hello’, from Heaven.

While living in Budapest last summer I read the book, ‘Hello From Heaven’ by Phil and Judy Guggenheim. The book includes over 350 accounts from bereaved relatives and friends attesting to the Guggenheim’s that they had been contacted by a loved one after that loved one died.

It is interesting the ways in which these relatives and friends receive their ‘Hello’, from Heaven. For instance, the Guggenheim’s describe instances where butterflies flutter through churches during funeral services. The butterflies light on the casket of the deceased and then fly over and land on the hand of a mother, a father, a spouse.

These highly symbolic after-death-communications (or ADCs) may come as apparitions, they might be brought by birds, or they might have symbolic meaning such as coins that appear in unlikely locations, as in the case of the mother whose little boy died. The child was able to communicate his well being by placing dimes in unlikely locations for relatives to find. When ‘Hello From Heaven’ was published the family of that particular little boy had found over 600 dimes – on the sidewalk, in the seat cushions of restaurants. How many dimes have YOU found in your life? Once I found seven dollars rolled up (a five and two ones) but I’ve never found 600 dimes – even tallied with my whole family. It turned out that a dime was the little boy’s allowance when he died; thus the significance of the ‘find’ and the conviction that finding a dime was the little boy’s ‘Hello’ from Heaven.

An ADC is a little more involved than seeing an apparition of a relative who has passed on, which was my own first experience with the supernatural. When I saw the apparition of my deceased grandfather the summer after his death, there was no symbolic moment, no interplay or exchange, which makes ADCs poignant, as well as reassuring, to the living.

There have been a couple of after-death-communication experiences in my family. My sister-in-law, Jenny, experienced the most intriguing one. She had been caring for an elderly aunt whose children lived quite a distance away. Jenny was devoted to this aunt; they often went out to lunch, the woman was a trusted confidante, and as the aunt’s health failed, Jenny became her guardian and caretaker, nursing her through her decline.

Finally, the aunt had a health crisis that required she be hospitalized and Jenny called the adult children in, from out-of-state, to warn them of their mother’s imminent death. Jenny was exhausted from the stress and sadness that overcame her and was relived – on some levels – to turn the job of the hospital-death-watch over to the adult children once they arrived.

Jenny’s aunt slipped into a coma by the end of the week and Jenny went home to sleep and wait for the ‘final word’ while her cousin took over the vigil. At three in the morning Jenny’s phone rang. She grappled for the receiver in her sleep but the record-a-call clicked on. By the time Jenny got the receiver to her ear, a voice was speaking, “Jenny. I want to let you know that I’m fine.” It was her aunt! Jenny told me it felt as though she had been struck by lightning! She sat up in bed, suddenly quite awake. She looked at the clock, she clutched at the receiver.

Her first reaction was, “She’s better!” Although logic certainly would defy that the elderly woman, made frail by her ailments, would have the wherewithal to prop herself up, grab the phone and dial Jenny’s number.

The next day Jenny realized that something more in the supernatural range had taken place; although she didn’t process it as an ADC for many years. The reality was that her aunt passed away peacefully in the early morning hours as her son held her hand. She never did regain consciousness. And, she certainly did not make any death bed phone calls!

On a wave length of their own, Jenny and her aunt had ‘connected’ so that her aunt could reassure her.

You ask, “What about the recording from when the answering machine clicked on?” It registered that a call indeed came in at three in the morning – but the message on the machine was static and not discernible.

The one-time message was meant only for Jenny.

Have YOU had a ‘Hello From Heaven’ experience? Then, I would love to hear from You!


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