Amy Tan Thinks About #Death . . . Daily ~ Do You??

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In a recently broadcast public television production titled, “Boomers” celebrity novelist Amy Tan revealed that she thinks about Death “daily”.

Having lost her heroic father during WWII, Tan was raised by an overly stern mother with whom, as she tells it, “she had a close but volatile relationship  . . .  When Tan was 16, [her mother] held a meat cleaver to Amy’s throat and threatened to kill her in an argument over Tan’s new boyfriend.  Following this dose of ‘Mommy Dearest’, the pair did not speak for a year.

And you?  Answer the poll and then, please Dear Reader, tell us what brings the thought of Death a’clawing to your sweet conscience?

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~ Halloween 2014 ~



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2 responses to “Amy Tan Thinks About #Death . . . Daily ~ Do You??

  1. Behind the Story

    I think there’s a difference between thinking about death in a casual way, dwelling on it, or meditating on the purpose of our lives and our deaths. For the most part, thoughts of death float through my head like anything else. For example, today I read an article in the Atlantic called, “What Happens When We Live to 100?” A topic that can’t be considered without also considering death. I don’t think it’s healthy to either dwell on death or to pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • Nicki (of the popular blog “Nicki Chen Writes” )
      ~ I so agree! Live life to the fullest. I admit that I think about Death daily in some context, cemeteries, or in the contrast of not living life to the fullest.
      ~ Going now to find a link to The Atlantic article you reference. The mailbox version of the publication is sitting on my reading table. Will skip to that piece this morning! Thank you for visiting my blog.

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