#Ghosts of White Raven Estate . . . and . . . NEW #Book Trailers!

Ghosts! ~ Where eBooks are Sold!

Ghosts! ~ Where eBooks are Sold!

USA/Kindle: Ghosts of White Raven Estate

UK/Kindle:  Ghosts of White Raven Estate

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This has been ‘book trailer’ week at A.V. Harrison Publishing and I’m excited to show You the results!

First of all though, let me announce a BIG Switch in the title and design for my NaNoWriMo novel 2012. Same synopsis, New Orleans poltergeists and apparitions tangle with Haitian Voodoo as Forces from ‘The Other Side’ wrestle over the riches at White Raven Estate in New Orleans’ Garden District.

New title! “Ghosts of White Raven Estate”. New Design! [Thank you Kathi Humphries Design and New Media].  Book trailers that I’ve produced and am thrilled to Premier here on my blog:

#1  –>  click! to view ‘A Classic Ghost Story’  book trailer:

#2  –> click! to view ‘NEW Book Trailer: Ghosts of White Raven Estate’

I’m keeping them both — but which one do YOU prefer?  Let me know!

Polldaddy will keep our tally!

Come back and see if YOUR choice is leading!

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On Amazon ~ Ghosts of White Raven Estate ~

a NaNoWriMo 2012 winner!

1853 New Orleans  ~
The frenzied drumbeats of Voodoo ceremonies vibrate over the city of New Orleans following the 1853 Yellow Fever epidemic.  Ghosts now roam the near-empty halls of White Raven Estate, where nearly all of the members of the wealthy Calais family have died.
Father Vivenzio, an opportunistic New Orleans priest, with VERY close ties to New Orleans’ Voodoo Community scurries back and forth from his parish to White Raven Estate where supernatural forces thwart his attempts at skimming the riches of the estate from the two surviving members of the Calais dynasty–ingenue Victoria Calais and her French-Canadian grandmother.
Frustrated by his inability to gain control over his supernatural nemesis, and hounded by crows, and wild dogs that roam the cemetery across the street from the Calais’ Garden District estate, the priest calls on Widow Paris – New Orleans’ Mambo Queen.
Destiny meets with Death in a carriage-race finish as Faith, Voodoo, and Supernatural Forces collide during Mardi Gras 1853.
☆ Actual Voodoo Spells revealed!
☆ Action and Mystery on every page!
☆ A Beautiful Mambo Queen!
☆ A Death-defying Carriage Race!
☆ Revenge – served New Orleans Hot!


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5 responses to “#Ghosts of White Raven Estate . . . and . . . NEW #Book Trailers!

  1. PaddyEger@aol.com

    #2 Noted that Victoria and the grandmother receive little mention in the trailer. Is that intentional? Paddy

    • Hi Paddy! Thank you for stopping by to view the book trailers that will be running for the eBook release of ‘Ghosts of White Raven Estate’. You’re right, in version #2 Victoria, and her grandmother, Madame Calais are not included. Two elements dictate the inclusion and number of images in my book trailers; a) the ‘down beat’ of the music score; and b) the length of the video. In #2 the score is more menacing and the images of ‘Death’, the Priest, and Widow Paris (the Voodoo Queen) were selected to maintain the theme of the book trailer. The score is exactly 53 seconds (for $15 on iStock) so my book trailer could only be 53 seconds unless I wanted to ‘patch’ a repeat with a different score, which is sometimes a jolt for the viewer in such a compact viewing time. So, I stuck to the theme of the score, the length of 53 seconds for my image-sequence in deciding NOT to include Victoria and her grandmother.

      You’ll notice that in Book Trailer #1 – there’s more ‘sparkle’ and ‘magic’ — intentionally keeping with the feminine element; but the drum roll when Victoria appears in the book trailer is intended to symbolize her hidden strength. My, my . . . I could go on! 😉 But those are some of the thoughts that went into the composition of the two book trailers.

      Thank you for coming to visit The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter!

  2. Behind the Story

    I prefer #1 because it presents the characters one after the other, giving me a feel for what the story is about. I also love #2. It’s so atmospheric, emotional and technically good.

  3. Emily, stopped by to thank you for visiting The Write Room Blog and especially for taking time to leave comments. I am the author of the piece on Pearl Harbor. My dad served in WWII and was stationed at Iwo Jima. He never spoke of the war as is common for most Veterans of that era.

    Your book sounds very intriguing. My favorite is ghost stories anyway! I voted for Trailer #2. Both, however, are excellent. It was not a quick decision. It was the mystique and atmosphere behind the second that drew me closer to that one.

    Good luck!

    • Sharla, I am so thrilled to meet you! I love following your blog.

      My dad stayed stateside working in the Army-Air Force as a mechanic stationed in Florida during WWII. He lost his brother over New Guinea, and that loss always affected the family. I simply cannot fathom Iwo Jima! I toured Normandy, France six years ago and stood on Omaha Beach – THAT was my moment. The memorials to those lost during that military operation are stark and memorable.

      I’ll come back and visit YOUR blog often!

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