Macabre Death Scene Discovered by Author’s Sister at Shoal Bay, British Columbia

Death scene startles boater vacationing in British Columbia.

Death scene startles boater vacationing in British Columbia.

This afternoon my sister, who is vacationing in the remote area around Discovery Islands, British Columbia finally got into port and – after two weeks – was able to send eMails and reassure us of her safety just as a Pacific Northwest storm rolled in.

In her eMail was a photo-send taken at Shoal Bay in the Discovery Islands of a death scene with the skeletal remains of an accident victim.

I have posted the following news release on PR Log and will contact B.C. authorities for her as her communications are limited to text and photo sends from the isolated area around Discovery Islands.

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Macabre Death Scene Discovered at Shoal Bay, British Columbia

September 28, 2013:  A macabre death scene was discovered this week by a Des Moines, Washington woman vacationing at Shoal Bay, Discovery Islands, British Columbia.  Juliana Hale, a boating enthusiast located the accident scene while taking a walk with a friend to stretch her legs after spending many weeks boating in the British Columbia waters.

By all appearances, the skeletal remains of a commercial truck driver, sits behind the wheel of a rusted out rig which is now tangled in overgrowth and vines.

With minimum communication outlets available to her from the remote location Ms. Hale sent the photo to her sister, Emily Hill, when she reached the Powell River marina. Emily Hill ironically writes ghost stories under the banner, ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter (…)’.

The photo was eMailed with the following note: “Hey Emily, Paddi and I were walking out in the woods at Shoal Bay a couple of days ago, and look what we found! Not sure of the cause of the accident or when it happened . . .”

It would appear that the accident occurred many years ago, but why it has not been discovered by authorities is a complete mystery; although Shoal Bay, British Columbia is an extremely remote area of the Discover Islands, British Columbia.

Shoal Bay, British Columbia authorities are being notified in an attempt to establish the legitimacy of the scene, according to Ms. Hill of Edmonds,



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  1. Lenora,
    I am so complimented that you reBlogged this news item to ‘Cultural Center and Foray into History’. Thank you for your generous nod.

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