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Hello! Thank you for stopping by myBLOG today. I thought it might be fitting to go into Halloween Past before I release my novel, ‘Voodoo Vision’ for Halloween Present. Wouldn’t that be fun?
Paperback! FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

Paperback! FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

As you know, if you followed my muse through the writing of ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ the [paperback] book is comprised of twenty-two short stories of supernatural settings ranging from eerily unexplainable phenomena, to spine-tingling terror, to haunting Hungarian legend and folklore.

For the FULL collection in eBook format, as “Ghost Stories and The Unexplained”  go to! It’s PayPal easy, and Instant! And loads directly to Kindle!! Isn’t that cool??

Need eBook format? Then look for "Ghost Stories and The Unexplained" on Nook and

Need eBook format? Then look for
“Ghost Stories and The Unexplained” on Nook and

Do you ONLY want Amazon direct? Then, grab your ghosts in eBook format from ‘Ghost Stories and The Unexplained’ EXPANDED to Kindle!

If Amazon is your SOUL ebook vendor find your Twenty-Two Tales on Kindle!

If Amazon is your SOUL ebook vendor find your Twenty-Two Tales on Kindle!

The first twelve stories are written in autobiographical format.  Why? Well, because those events happened – to me! Or, someone that I know personally who wanted to share their experience with my readers.  The terror portion of the book is based on deathbed confessions and newspaper archives from research I have done over the years. The third part of ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ was written last summer while I traveled the Transylvania region of Europe while living in Budapest.  The Transylvania stories include castles, legends, rebellion, and singing angels.

So! Without further ado, here are Thirteen Little Selected-Sweets from that I offered my readers in last year’s bag of treats!

1) And That’s All I Know ~*~ On Christmas Eve in 1955, my grandmother said she realized, even in her sleep, that Grandpa Jimmy was late coming home from work. She had left the Christmas tree lights on for him, glowing out toward the highway that ran past their farmhouse. Snow fell softly, sweetly, creating a false sense of security.

2) My Grandfather’s Visit ~*~ His translucent image more floated than stood in the void that stretched between us. It was though there were no earthly ties bearing down on him. He had on a narrow brim fedora and a 1950s full-length dress coat – a winter coat, actually. I was barely breathing; certainly I was filled with terror, when my ears were pricked by the sound of dog’s claws clipping across the waxed linoleum floor. A spirit dog had accompanied him as he crossed back over.

3) Turkey Creek Farm, Ohio ~*~ “She’s not there! She’s not really there!” It took me a moment before I realized that my grandmother, this chain-smoking, gin-drinking, rough farmwoman was outrunning me! She grabbed my shirt collar and yanked hard, just as I reached the edge of the embankment. We fell to the ground together as she enfolded me in her arms.

4) The Poltergeist ~*~ I never knew the extent of torment my mother endured until one particularly high-tension evening when the events I am about to relay to you unfolded. But I do know how insistent mother was that my sister, Frances, and I put away any scissors, needles, knives that were out – before we went to bed.

5) The Ouija Board Demon ~*~ The metal clip that kept the two sliders on track weren’t working, or something. The doors weren’t sliding open and shut; they were beginning to swing back and forth, hitting against the clothes hanging in my closet and then swinging into the open room as though the clip was not holding them at all. Debby Cox burst into tears as the planchette began its own movement across the Ouija board.

6) Midnight Rhapsody ~*~ It was totally dark, in a dead-quiet house, and all of a sudden eerie organ music was playing. A seven-note chord that repeated.

7) Dolls Watching ~*~ She turned to me, “Okay, here is the story. According to what I heard, Mrs. Alvarez lay dying in that room – the master bedroom. She had cancer; it had spread throughout her body. She and Antonio, her husband, had been married for fifty-two years. They both knew she was dying. Yes, he shot her.

8) Isn’t She Lovely? ~*~  “I’m so sorry Dad didn’t live just a few days longer,” I remember lamenting to my husband the day that my daughter, Jacqueline, was born. “He missed seeing her by just a few days.” My dad, Jack Chance, was fifty-four when he died of lung cancer, a few days before my daughter was born.

9) Lightning Strikes ~*~ Dennis took six tiny steps toward his wife. The old wooden rocker she sat in tipped back and forth, reacting to the impact of the bolt of lightning. The shadow on the wall swayed back and forth on the wall taunting him. Dennis’s panic-stricken shrieks finally died down to sniveling whimpers.

10) Grove of Terror ~*~ This Civil War deathbed tale is a full-length feature on Wattpad! Go There! I hope you like ‘Grove of Terror’.

11) Chunya and The Hungarian Witch ~*~ There is an oft-told tale in the land of light and shadow – far, far away in the territory that was once Transylvania. It is a story about a forest witch – a jealous old woman who had never experienced the serenity of listening to the mewing of a contended baby, or the happiness of running one’s finger tips along the soft creases of a baby’s skin.

12) To Kill Ivan Gorsky ~*~ He grabbed for his glasses – the right spectacle is broken out. Events unfold in slow motion. Gorsky realizes in horror that one of the youth is pulling a Tokarev TT Model 48 from inside his coat. He can see it so clearly, as though his senses are heightened. How in the world could any Hungarian obtain such a weapon? The youth snarled, staring at the metal pin on Ivan’s cap. He obviously recognized the hammer and sickle. The student glanced around – pandemonium reigns. The youth stood over Ivan and took aim.

13) Little Dead Girl, Seattle ~*~ “In the mirror’s reflection a little girl, dressed in white, floated past me. She was gliding down the hallway turning her head back and forth, as if she was searching for something! Honestly, I couldn’t move. I could feel a . . .I want to say an energy force, or a wave of some sort, pass by. I was shivering, and had a feeling, or intuition maybe, that she was looking for someone–undoubtedly my daughter, Danielle!”

I nodded as she continued.

“Well, the ghost levitated to the height of Danielle’s portrait–just rose up–very slowly. And then it disappeared into the image! I’m afraid to bring Danielle home now. I don’t know what to do–the house is haunted by a ghost who is seeking my daughter!”

☆♥*¨*• 💕💕 •*¨* ♥ ☆

So! There you have it! Halloween Past! I hope you are intrigued enough to grab a copy of ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ in its iBook, eBook, or paperback edition.



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2 responses to “myBlog ☆ A Sampler of ‘Halloween Past’ ☆

  1. chennicole2013

    One of the stories I loved was #14, The Spirit Vessel on the High Seas. I can’t imagine where you got the idea for that story.

  2. Nicki!
    Thank you for that public ‘love’ ღ 👻 Well, fans and friends can hear the tale of how I came up with each story if they tune in to David Welch’s show tonight – Details on BlogTalk radio at THIS link: If you cannot make it – the tape will be available in the Video Bar section of my ‘’ website!

    Nicki, I’m so flattered that you stopped by! Thanks so much! ~Emily

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