Update: Voodoo Vision ✬ PUBLISHED! ✬

Emily Hill's LATEST novel, slated for release Halloween 2013.

Emily Hill’s LATEST novel, slated for release Halloween 2013.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by to check on how the ‘Voodoo Vision’  is coming along!

Update: ☆  Voodoo Vision: New Orleans House of Spirits ☆ is NOW available on Kindle, NookSmashwords, and iBooks.


14 SEPTEMBER 2013 Post:  I’ve been very busy this month getting my new novel, ‘Voodoo Vision’, ready for my friends (and I hope YOU will become one of my friends and sign up to follow my blog.)

‘Voodoo Vision’ will release on Smashwords and Nook by 15 October 2013 – just a month away!

I am STILL re-writing, editing, and flourishing ;D with the help of my amazing writing coach, Linda Hope Lee, and my Perrinville Ladies!

Agghhh! So much to do!   Here’s what I’ve FINISHED (take a peek at the links)

YouTube – 4 FlashAds similar to this one!

★ Promotions Poster – for my Announcement eMailer

★ 57,863 words of Excitement, Betrayal, and Haunts!

★ A Gorgeous book cover – Thank you, Kathi Humphries Design and New Media

★ A Pinterest Board for all of my Muses!

Cast Board – what DOES Zömbi look like??! (AFTER he tattoos his face!)

Here’s What NEEDS to be done:

☆ YouTube – Full Feature eBook Trailer

☆ Final, Final embellishments – more Voodoo and spells, please!

☆ Upload to Smashwords!! [which has an INSTANT upload feature for your Kindle!]

☆ Guest-Blog Hop Appearances!


★ Victoria Taylor-Murray will be interviewing me on her Celebrity Tour (OMG!)

Susan Noble [Into Another World] will feature an excerpted Chapter 1 of ‘Voodoo Vision’

★  Dan O’Brien  [The Dan O’Brien Project ] will run Chapter 2 of ‘Voodoo Vision’

Hunter Shea [Hunter Shea Author] will run Chapter 3, entitled ‘Before The Epidemic’

★ We will skip over to the live-links as we finish Chapter 4, Unfortunate Girls, on THIS blog spot! ;D

★★★ PROGRESSIVE BLOG HOP [29 October through 03 November]  ★★★

What I have in mind is my guest appearance on THREE author-friend’s blogs.

Each appearance will feature ‘An Author’s Note’ and a chapter of Voodoo Vision: New Orleans House of Spirits!

Readers will ‘hop’ from one blog to the next as they read the first 10,000 words of ‘Voodoo Vision’.

★ 1) Chapter 1 ~ 1853 New Orleans’ Garden District: Someone is Watching

★ 2) Chapter 2 ~ Where the Bones Are Buried

★ 3) Chapter 3 ~ Before the Epidemic

★ 4) Chapter 4 ~ Unfortunate Girls



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