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Cartomancy ~ Fortune Telling Using a 52Card Deck

I have been telling my fortune using Tarot cards and the 52Card deck since I was sixteen and living in New Orleans.  In other words, for 45 years – which is how long it’s been since I left the Christian faith.  Fortune telling, throwing runes, shuffling cards, crystal balls and tea leaves are associated with Black Magick and dark forces according to Christian religions [and maybe Judea] – so this blog post is not going to be of much interest for those proselytizing for Jesus Christ, or the Catholic Church.

On that note, I’ll proceed:

My Tarot deck is stained, and the edges of some cards are singed from holding them too close to candle light. My Tarot deck has moved with me from New Orleans to Seattle to Edmonds and has seen me through college, marriage, motherhood, divorce; and remarriage. In other words my cards know me better than any one!

Recently I’ve renewed my interest in telling fortunes and came across the technique known as ‘Cartomancy’.  Let me take this opportunity to remind my friends once again that using a Ouija board is a very strict No! No! in my world just because of the Terror Factor – and my own experiences – but, somehow ‘cards’ are more benign. Is that delusional ?

So, with my Cartomancy ‘draws’ now underway, I began to notice wild coincidences and card-patterns! Upon realizing these patterns I immediately thought of my Facebook friend Johnny Houser who studies The Web of life’s coincidences. For instance, repeatedly the King of Spades came up, as well as the 3 and 5 in that same suit.  The ‘chances’ of any particular card coming up in 36 pulls from 312 cards is pretty exceptional.  Why would certain cards come up in a draw time after time – if Fate wasn’t a key?

My statistical thinking went something like this:  If I have 52cards to draw from day-after-day; and IF in six draws (52×6 = 312 draws) and ONLY CERTAIN cards come up, a web of Fate is developing. So I began tracking the draw-set from each day and was able to develop a Dominate repeating pattern of four cards; and a Lesser repeating pattern of three cards In other words seven cards CONTINUALLY repeated themselves.

I thought it curious that the number of repeating cards equaled SEVEN (an auspicious number in matters of Fate.)

Here is the chart I came up with to track the repeating cards:

Charting Fate though Cartomancy

Charting Fate though Cartomancy

And, here are the Dominate and Lesser repeating cards in my recent six draws from 312 cards (52 x 6)

After six draws THESE Seven Cards continually repeated -- Why??

After six draws THESE Seven Cards continually repeated — Why??

Oh!  You want to know ‘The Question’ ?

I had asked about money matters.  What is curious is that from the first draw only marriage and relationship cards came up. The ‘love matters’ of my life bled through, and continued to dominate the messages that I was receiving from The Cards. Mischief, Betrayal, Confidences not kept; black cards dominated red cards.  But the clubs seemed to neutralize the spades; and harmony appears to reign in spite of challenges, according to The Fates.  We shall see – yes?

Do You ‘Pinterest’?  My Board ‘The Draw of The Cards’ is here! Come See! 

Dominate Cards:

8Hearts = A convivial marriage

3Spades = A beloved who travels/wanders

5Spades = A beloved who journeys far

KSpades = An ambitious man [my husband? – I’m not sure]

Lesser Cards:

4Diamonds = Surrounded by friends who do not keep confidences

5Clubs = Questioners good marriage

JClubs = A generous, though mischievous friend [my former lover, who is still in touch – I’m sure!]

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Do YOU use horoscopes, cards, runes, or Ouija to guide yourself to YOUR fate?


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