☆ myBLOG: Is DEATH Really ‘The Final Good-bye’ ?

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NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

“After a person dies, are they ‘gone’. . . I mean REALLY gone?”

This is an oft-asked question from those curious about The Other Side of the grave and grieving. My answer is, “Not always. Sometimes a person who has died is able to say, ‘Hello’, from Heaven.

While living in Budapest last summer I read the book, ‘Hello From Heaven’ by Phil and Judy Guggenheim. The book includes over 350 accounts from bereaved relatives and friends attesting to the Guggenheim’s that they had been contacted by a loved one after that loved one died.

It is interesting the ways in which these relatives and friends receive their ‘Hello’, from Heaven. For instance, the Guggenheim’s describe instances where butterflies flutter through churches during funeral services. The butterflies light on the casket of the deceased and then fly over and land on the hand of a mother, a father, a spouse.

These highly symbolic after-death-communications (or ADCs) may come as apparitions, they might be brought by birds, or they might have symbolic meaning such as coins that appear in unlikely locations, as in the case of the mother whose little boy died. The child was able to communicate his well being by placing dimes in unlikely locations for relatives to find. When ‘Hello From Heaven’ was published the family of that particular little boy had found over 600 dimes – on the sidewalk, in the seat cushions of restaurants. How many dimes have YOU found in your life? Once I found seven dollars rolled up (a five and two ones) but I’ve never found 600 dimes – even tallied with my whole family. It turned out that a dime was the little boy’s allowance when he died; thus the significance of the ‘find’ and the conviction that finding a dime was the little boy’s ‘Hello’ from Heaven.

An ADC is a little more involved than seeing an apparition of a relative who has passed on, which was my own first experience with the supernatural. When I saw the apparition of my deceased grandfather the summer after his death, there was no symbolic moment, no interplay or exchange, which makes ADCs poignant, as well as reassuring, to the living.

There have been a couple of after-death-communication experiences in my family. My sister-in-law, Jenny, experienced the most intriguing one. She had been caring for an elderly aunt whose children lived quite a distance away. Jenny was devoted to this aunt; they often went out to lunch, the woman was a trusted confidante, and as the aunt’s health failed, Jenny became her guardian and caretaker, nursing her through her decline.

Finally, the aunt had a health crisis that required she be hospitalized and Jenny called the adult children in, from out-of-state, to warn them of their mother’s imminent death. Jenny was exhausted from the stress and sadness that overcame her and was relived – on some levels – to turn the job of the hospital-death-watch over to the adult children once they arrived.

Jenny’s aunt slipped into a coma by the end of the week and Jenny went home to sleep and wait for the ‘final word’ while her cousin took over the vigil. At three in the morning Jenny’s phone rang. She grappled for the receiver in her sleep but the record-a-call clicked on. By the time Jenny got the receiver to her ear, a voice was speaking, “Jenny. I want to let you know that I’m fine.” It was her aunt! Jenny told me it felt as though she had been struck by lightning! She sat up in bed, suddenly quite awake. She looked at the clock, she clutched at the receiver.

Her first reaction was, “She’s better!” Although logic certainly would defy that the elderly woman, made frail by her ailments, would have the wherewithal to prop herself up, grab the phone and dial Jenny’s number.

The next day Jenny realized that something more in the supernatural range had taken place; although she didn’t process it as an ADC for many years. The reality was that her aunt passed away peacefully in the early morning hours as her son held her hand. She never did regain consciousness. And, she certainly did not make any death bed phone calls!

On a wave length of their own, Jenny and her aunt had ‘connected’ so that her aunt could reassure her.

You ask, “What about the recording from when the answering machine clicked on?” It registered that a call indeed came in at three in the morning – but the message on the machine was static and not discernible.

The one-time message was meant only for Jenny.

Have YOU had a ‘Hello From Heaven’ experience? Then, I would love to hear from You!



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3 responses to “☆ myBLOG: Is DEATH Really ‘The Final Good-bye’ ?

  1. I’ll be honest I’m not sure I believe that people can talk to us once they are gone, but I do think that Angels could take on the form of loved ones to give us peace, or that God could let us see a vision to give us peace. I know this to be true. A few months after my beloved Puppy passed away several years ago I was distraught, of his loss I had no children and was feeling guilt for the Puppy got sick when I left him with a parent on mothers day.

    He died from a stroke very quickly, and to make this story shorter, I was not asking for a vision, but God knew I needed one. I saw my Puppy as clearly as I had been there, laying at the feet of a man in a white robe. I know this was a gift from God to give me peace that Puppy was indeed in Heaven.

    Also years ago one of my relatives I never met, had died, and the folks around him were crying because they did not know if he was a Christian he had not made his confession. While the family was praying the man sat up, told them he was fine with Christ laid back down and was gone again.

    God can show us miracles, give us visions, in any way he sees fit, but I do believe he is the one that gives them. I think our loved ones once they leave this world are at rest. I don’t think they are floating around in the forms of butter flies, or that they are running around leaving dimes for us to find. BUT I do think that Angels could be doing these tasks with ease to give us peace, or to assure us that a loved one made it home. That is my two cents. 🙂

    Samantha Fury

    • Samantha,

      Thanks so very much for visiting my blog.

      Your insights are valid, and certainly your personal experience validates the possibility that phenomenons that bring ‘messages’ from the dead are possible. Your experience – which reflects your personal faith – is not dis-similar from the experience of hundreds of thousands of other grieving people from a surprising multitude of walks of life, around the globe.

      Please come back again, your thoughts on metaphysical, and supernatural, life are appreciated.


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