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NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

‘Sometimes you think you’ve lived before, all that you live today. Things do come back to you as though they knew the way. Oh, the tricks your mind can play.’ – Lorenz Hart

I doubt if we give much thought to all the signs and signals, and repeating patterns of our lives – the Synchronicity. We are moving too fast in a too-fast world.

As I was mulling over what to include in this blogpost so I took a break to check-in on my friend, Johnny Houser, to see what new work he had posted while I was crossing the Atlantic. To my astonishment – his latest project deals with . . . Synchronicity!

No one tells a story in video format better than Johnny!

Jung explains  ‘Synchronicity’ as, ‘coincidence of outer and inner events that are not themselves causally connected.’

What IS Synchronicity?

Blind Chance?
Coincidences that seem to just keep lining up – more and more – to complete a full, and eerie story.
The feeling of Deja vu?
“Haven’t we met?”
“You look just like my friend from college! It’s uncanny!”
. . . or that eerie feeling that comes over you that makes you observe, “I’ve done this before. This very same thing, in this very same sequence! . . .even the air smells the same!”

I read Shirley MacLaine’s ‘Sage-ing While Age-ing’ while on a Trans-Atlantic cruise this month and read with keen interest her observations on Atlantis and, while reading, had my own moment of Synchronicity. In her book MacLaine discusses how the ancient genetic memory of birds cause them to set out for lands from their long-ago past. She notes in her book that birds die by the hundreds, if not thousands, when they set out for The Land of Atlantis that their genetic memory stores. The birds perish in flight because the landmass of Atlantis no longer exists – they never make it to their destination. I had just finished reading MacLaine’s observations, when my husband called to me from the lanai of our cabin, “Look at this bird flying beside the ship! Where could it have come from?” At that moment we were thousands of miles from land!

I was reading a passage in a book that described what my husband was experiencing – at the same instant!

The concept of Synchronicity stayed in my thoughts after our vacation ended; and even after we settled back into our routine. A couple days ago I went to the den to see what my husband was doing and was alarmed to see that he had the space heater cranked on ‘High’. That would have been fine, really, but the grandchildren’s games – in Milton-Bradley boxes – were stacked right NEXT to the space heater! When I yanked the boxes away they were already much too hot. (Yelling ensued.)

The Edmonds, Washington ePaper carried the story of an Edmonds, Washington man, 67-years old, who nearly died after his condo caught fire. Likely cause? Combustibles next to his space heater.

The Synchronicity? We live in Edmonds. My husband is 67 years old. We live in a condo. Combustibles next to our space heater. Only – it wasn’t my husband who met with misfortune that day; it was another man – who traded Fate with my husband and now lies clinging to life.

Rick Borutta explains (http://rickborutta.com) in a post that “From a Jungian psycho-spiritual perspective, ‘. . .synchronic events occur when ‘we are on the right path’ to wholeness, or what Jung termed as the process of individuation. When we allow a dialog with our unconscious selves to occur without letting the conscious ego dominate, threaten or sublimate the inner energies, ‘magic’ seems to happen.’

I have been amazed by stories of long-lost relatives finding each other after years of effort, because they EACH stumble onto the same clue, contact a MUTUAL friend, see the same ‘seeking you’ ad.
Many years ago there was a murder in my ex-husband’s family. When I went to have my hair done that month I began telling the circumstances of the murder to my hairdresser, a young woman who had been my stylist for four years. Other than our connection through Cut-and-Curl, it seemed like we had NOTHING in common. Almost immediately after I began telling her of the murder she stopped cutting my hair, she put down her scissors and comb. She was visibly upset. It turned out that after my divorce HER aunt married the same man I had just divorced! The murder victim was also a relative of my hairdresser! Because of the divorce I had NOT seen her at the funeral – because I did not attend the funeral. That day I learned the whereabouts of my son’s half-brother. They had been separated for seventeen years – a moment of Synchronicity brought them together and they are friends to this day.

Beware! As the filmographer in the Jung YouTube production warns, ‘Too often they [events of synchronicity] pass unnoticed because the individual has not learned to watch for such coincidences.’

Synchronicity unlocks the past, and affirms the present. Is it happening around You? What synchronistic events have occurred in YOUR life?


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