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NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

Do you ever think about Time?

Like, why DOES time pass quickly when you’re having a total blast, and slowly when your car is about to crash into a telephone pole with the landscape slow-mo’ing across your windshield?

I’ve experienced both – and as delightful as having a total blast is, experiencing the time-phenom of an automobile crash when Time is broken down into visual frames is MUCH more interesting – especially since I survived the crash unscathed!

The dimension of Time is so malleable – and so multi-leveled! There’s the constant of mechanical time (the sweep of the hands of a clock across its face – tick, TOCK, tick, TOCK). One level of time occurs on an astrological plane – solar time – begging the question of whether, or not, humans reverse-age while traveling to distant galaxies. Then, there is emotional time –passing at a crawl when you are anxiously waiting for a loved one to return home; and quickly when you are on a carnival ride. And, there is biological time – some of us aging more quickly than those around us. Can you describe other time-experiences — on THIS side of the grave?

Unlike the three spatial dimensions (length, height, and width) time contracts and stretches to the human experience. In the vast expanse of singular experiences we seem to have a solid understanding of the flexibility of time for The Living – but how does Time ‘work’ for those on The Other Side? DOES it also stretch and contract for entities on The Other Side of the grave?

What is An Eternity if one is a Spirit waiting to return to the Land of the Living? How boring could it be to be a wraith waiting for a victim to torment? [Which sets up a future blog on the emotional well-being of entities Beyond the Grave!]

As a subtext, the movie ‘Beetlejuice’ explored the concept of Time. Remember? In the waiting room scene The Dead were shrouded in cobwebs, all except BeetleJuice – who could cross back and forth through a portal and calibrate his experiences with those of The Living.

In his book, Einstein’s Dreams, Alan Lightman describes Time as the center of a universe – a universe in which travelers approaching The Center move ever slowly until they reach dead center (‘dead center’ being HIS term). It would seem that this is Death, on Lightman’s terms. The still, silent nothingness of Time frozen – with the only illumination being a faint red glow is what Lightman describes in his essay for Einstein’s Dream of 14 May 1905, “. . .only the most feeble red light, for light is diminished almost to nothingness at the center of time. . . Those not quite at dead center do indeed move, but at the pace of glaciers.” At. The. Pace. Of. Glaciers.
From my perspective, that is how Time moves on The Other Side. At. The. Pace. Of. Glaciers.

As the Red-eyed Beasts glare at us from The Realm Beyond; as Spirits swirl, and Zombies tromp; as Banshees bay are their moments on Our Side measured in a twinkling of an eye – or – at the pace of glaciers?

What is YOUR take of Time. . . on ‘The Other Side’?
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