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NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

I write Ghost Stories – eerie, poignant, and even macabre peeks into the world Beyond The Grave. These stories are my writing passion. Each paranormal author has his or her own explanation for being drawn toward The Edge, here is mine:

Frankly, and firstly, I simply miss those relatives who were once part of my life who are now dead. An almost overwhelming curiosity about my ancestors, and even a certain level of ‘daring’ also draw me to the supernatural. Add to these factors the fact that my senses seem to ‘pick up’ audible signals and visual cues associated with supernatural occurrences. Therefore, a sense of longing, curiosity, and a certain daring; and sensory perceptions are the elements that lead to my affinity for the paranormal.

I read a research paper by Nicole Leader (click on link above this blog) on the topic of why children see ghosts. Ms. Leader states that most children who see apparitions have had a near-death experience or very serious illness. That is certainly true in my case. I contracted polio as an infant and was given Last Rites in 1951 – all of my life I have lived very close to The Edge, quite possibly because of my brush with Death. My affinity for The Other Side is akin to walking along a riverbank. I’m moving on, The Afterlife is moving on, and we are very aware of each other without being able to ‘be’ the other.

Of course, part of the human experience is to long for our loved ones after they die, but an overwhelming, and unusual level, of curiosity, heightens my longing. I want to hear my ancestors stories first hand, learn of their day-to-day experiences. I realized this while I was writing my novel, “Jenkins”, about my father’s Baltimore ancestors. In the silent early morning hours, as I typed out the book, I could hear the conversations among the Jenkins family members in clear terms. The difference in their voices, some soft, others harsh – the textures of the sounds – became very real to me.

And what about ‘daring’? That adrenalin that surges when one is in the presence of an apparition, or poltergeist, or stumbles onto (or into) a residual haunting? It is said that an adrenalin rush actually becomes pleasurable when the fear of immediate danger passes. Does that make me an adrenalin junkie – or you an adrenalin junkie, if you are a ghost chaser? Very possibly, I suppose.

The final factor in my consideration of why I write ghost stories is that I – unlike most humans – do NOT discount my intuitions. Most adults discount those ‘don’t go down that alley’ feelings that serve as defense mechanisms. I act on my intuitions, blend them into my decision-making, and pay attention to physiological ‘signals’.

But why write about these supernatural experiences – these ghost stories? First: a full Seventy percent of the population experience supernatural phenomenon during their lives. However Western convention, public opinion, religion, and other factors make it easy to deny the glimpses that we – and others – have into the realm beyond.

Writing ghost stories is my way of affirming, giving voice, to my ghostly experiences. And, my writing is intended as an affirmation of YOUR ghostly experiences. Because I know that you have had them . . . haven’t you?


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