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NEW in eBook format - FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

While writing my ghost stories series (which is now available on Amazon, of course) I never had an opportunity to take a course on ‘Paranormal Occurrences’.  I write all of my ghost stories from pure first-hand experiences detailed in newspaper archives and my own encounters with entities that are making an attempt to cross back over into The Land of The Living.

Yesterday, while attending my hometown writer’s conference, Write On The Sound, I had my first chance to take a Paranormal Writing course.  I grabbed at the opportunity and came face to face with an experienced ghost hunter!  His name is Neil McNeill of ‘Paranormal Research And Education’ http://www.neilmcneill.com.

In his 90-minute class I learned historical facts about ghosts in literature, why we are drawn to the ghost stories experience, and (among many other topics) the difference between Poltergeists, Hauntings, and Apparitions.  Because my stories center on these three paranormal dynamics I was particularly interested in what Neil had to say.

From my notes:

Poltergeist is German for ‘noisy spirits’.  Poltergeist activity centers around an ‘agent’ (one individual who is invariably present when the Poltergeist activity occurs.  In ‘Ghost Stories And the Unexplained: Book One’ I describe an evening with a Poltergeist that my mother experiences.  Although it gained me a one-star review from ‘Aurora’ for depicting (exclusively) a dysfunctional family, indeed the environment that I grew up in was dysfunctional, violence-laced and, as such, created the perfect habitude for Poltergeist activity.  Poltergeist activity will ‘move around’ from location to location, unlike Hauntings.

Hauntings ‘stick’ to one location.  Most notably described as ‘residual hauntings’ a horrific event will trigger hauntings.  Such events include the hauntings at the Gettysburg battlefield, the hauntings that take place at the Lizzie Borden house, and many more locations where taunting, abuse, and even murder occur.  ‘Turkey Creek’ is a story I wrote that depicts a haunting that took place on my great-grandmother’s farm in Peebles, Ohio.  Although the young Civil War ingénue who haunted the upper banks of Turkey Creek never interacted directly with me, or my ancestors, her actions (of jumping from the high bank into the swirling Moccasin-snake inhabited waters of Turkey Creek) was the catalyst for tragedies that occurred on the Jones homestead.

Apparitions represent energy that survives the body.  It is Apparitions that I believe Einstein postulated that the Universe holds a fixed level of energy.  By fixed level I mean that when one entity looses energy another entity, or entities, gain(s) that energy; this includes the energy that leaves one’s body upon death.  Apparitions are most fascinating because of their history of interaction with humans.  According to McNeill there are ‘crisis apparitions’ and interactive apparitions.  An example of a ‘crisis apparition’ is a vision one might have at a loved one’s moment of death.  You receive a call, a knock at the door – and the person contacting you, you learn, had died at the moment you received their ‘company’.  The one Apparition experience that is included in ‘The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter’ is Little Dead Girl.  This story is about an Apparition that made twilight visits to the playroom of one of my neighbor’s children in the Greenwood District of Seattle.  Of course, if you follow my blog and news releases, you know that Greenwood’s history begins with its being platted on the abandoned Woodland Cemetery in 1907.  That year, 1907, was the year that my Greenwood cottage was built.  And we all know what happened at my Greenwood cottage between the years 1986 and 1999, right?


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