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NEW in eBook format - FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

NEW in eBook format – FULL 22-story collection on Amazon.

Kitchen cabinet doors that slowly swing open and shut of their own volition, door knobs that turn in the middle of the night, phantom birds that flutter around the living room – all of these supernatural occurrences were experienced by author Emily Hill when she lived in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood between 1986 and 1999.  Her thirteen years of experiences led her to write a series of ghost story eBooks, and started her on a quest to locate other Greenwood residents who have had similar ‘ghostly’ experiences in their Greenwood-area homes.

“I’ve now located nine haunted houses in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood since  publishing my first ghost story book,” announced Seattle-area author, Emily Hill, whose books delve into her experiences with the supernatural. “I have been engaged in an active search to locate other residents of Greenwood who have experienced supernatural activity in their home, including ghost sightings, and occurences such as those detailed in this account.

Ms. Hill explained in an hour-long interview how she became aware of the sixth haunted house,  “Several months ago I received an email from a young man who lives in a rental house four blocks from the haunted cottage that I purchased in 1986.  The very day that this young man, and his fiancé, moved into their Greenwood rental, odd and unsettling occurrences began.”

Ms. Hill’s correspondent contacted her after he began researching the Seattle neighborhood that he calls home.  Like this young man, Ms. Hill also had suspicions about the area around North 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue after a conversation with a taxi driver led her to accounts of Greenwood circa 1907 and the spooky history of the Woodland Cemetery Association.

“When I lived in my 1907 cottage, very strange things occurred in my own house, and that of my next door neighbor.

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“When I lived in Greenwood, my next door neighbor, a single mother with a four-year old described to me an imaginary playmate that her daughter said would come to her nursery at twilight.  The daughter’s description was that of a little girl dressed in a pinafore, Mary Jane shoes, and white stockings.  It was not long after the ‘playmate’ episodes began that the mother experienced a ghost sighting.  As she stared into the hallway mirror, brushing her hair, an apparition matching the description of the daughter’s playmate brushed past the mother and floated down the stairs into the living room where the daughter’s portrait hung.  The mother and daughter moved out of the house within days and the house remained empty while their lease ran out,” the author tells A.V. Harrison Publishing.

“After my first ghost story collection published, a friend told me of an acquaintance whose wife had gone mad while living in the Greenwood area.  The friend conjectured that the stay-at-home mom may have been driven insane by visits from ‘the other side’ while alone in the house all day,” which brought the number of haunted properties, that Emily Hill had tracked down, to five.

The email from the resident of Haunted House No. 6 is provided here.  Edited for brevity and to redact names and addresses the email reads:

“Ms. Hill, I found your email address while researching Greenwood. My fiancé and I have been renting a house in Greenwood for the past year.  We moved into the house almost exactly a year ago this month. We were looking forward to living [in this house] and excited to be in the neighborhood, but we definitely experienced odd things immediately [after moving in].

“One of the first things we [witnessed] together was the kitchen sink turn on full force, in the middle of the afternoon.

I cannot say I’ve been terrorized but I’ve certainly been spooked, especially in the past month. My fiancé was away travelling on business for two weeks and so I was left with our dog and cat. The animals, seem to be aware of oddities.

While my fiancé was away I can say I was annoyed by the [following] “phenomena”:

-knocking on walls in middle of night. To the point I could not get more than a few hours of sleep;

-foot steps above, clearly not dog or cat footsteps, when I’m in basement doing laundry;

-cold breezes and drafts when I’m in the living room watching TV or reading, (apparently from nowhere, as no windows or doors are open);

– my Xbox360 game console turned off in the middle of gameplay.  (I’m convinced it was the violent content of the game [that caused the interruption of the game].

During these weeks I questioned my sanity. . .my imagination. . .when it came down to it, I could not dismiss much of it easily.

The frequency of activity seemed to increase until one evening.  [Around] 6:00PM, I snapped and yelled that I was “not impressed – that ‘You’ needed to stop harassing me.”   I continued to say I was “sorry that ‘You’ are restless”, and that I wanted him/her to find peace, asking how I could help.

I immediately put out a glass of wine as an offering, a glass of scotch and some fresh water. [The activity] stopped after that.  Not one strange thing, noise or otherwise occurred.  I’m not a religious person per se, but I am spiritual.  So, at my sister and another friend’s recommendation, I stated to our ghost: that “God” whatever that is to ‘You’, is not pleased with this behavior, it is not right, nor funny, to frighten.

Over the last week I did see a bedroom light turn on and off. . . And last night I was kept up. . . with tapping on the heat ducts and walls. The same random, non-rhythmic, but clearly deliberate tapping.  This convinced me to [do a Google search] of Greenwood [and its history].”

The Greenwood resident then located the eMail address of Emily Hill, and contacted the author with this account.  He continues, “I’ve never denied the existence of the paranormal but I haven’t had too much history with it.  The events experienced over the last year have convinced me that there is an all-too-real paranormal world, or dimension, out there.”  Signed Nate

Emily Hill tells us that Greenwood Haunted House 7 is visited in the early hours of the morning by the apparition of a Native American who taps at the windows and rattles the doorknob, resident No. 8 smells smoke – as though the house is engulfed in flame; and house No. 9 is plaugued by a poltergeist.


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